Gallica: Bibliothéque nationale de Francen

Lorraine Witchcraft Trials

Rune Hagen. Homepage of a scholar who has conducted several studies of witchcraft in Scotland and Scandinavia

Salem Witch Trials: Documentary Archiv andTranseription Project

Scottish Archive Network (SCAN). An electronic illustrated exhibition of documents on Scottish witch-hunting, created in 2002 by SCAN, an organisation providing electronic access to Scottish archives

Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network (SCRAN). Electronic images of artefacts, pictures and other materials on Scottish culture. Includes some witchcraft materials

Stuart Macdonald. Homepage of the author of The Witches of Fife (2002), and of the electronic 'Scottish Witch Hunt Data Base' which helped to make the Witchcraft Survey project possible

The Cornell University Library Witchcraft Collection

The Damned Art. An electronic illustrated exhibition of books on witchcraft and demonology, created in 1985 by Glasgow University Library

The Survey of ScottishWitchcraft 1563-1736

The Witchcraft Bibliography Project. A major project listing published works on the history of European witchcraft